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Posted July 28th 2011 by Maria

Brooming ProSpec Premium Patch 200 used for full-depth and partial-depth repair

Tully Nassau Expressway Full-Depth roadway repairs utilizing Super-Slabs, precast slab-on-grade system for roadway replacement

Photos of recently completed project by Tully Construction, Nassau Expressway job in Queens.  This major artery leading to JFK International Airport recently underwent extensive repairs.  Tully Construction performed both partial-depth concrete patching and full-depth repairs and precast slab-on-grade along three miles of the roadway with required repairs being done at night with only minimal road closures.  Using ProSpecPremium Patch 200 mixed with 3/8″ stone, the fast-setting, rapid strength gain repair product can be opened up to traffic in one to two hours.  Tully used 2500 pound super-sacks of the patching material purchased through Axela Services LLC.  ProSpec Slab Dowel Grout was used to fill the dowel slots and voids between panels. 

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